Domestic Violence Attorney in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Know Your Rights After a Domestic Violence Charge

Rely on A Domestic Violence Attorney In Chattanooga, TN

Domestic violence is the act of committing assault on a partner or family member. Domestic violence covers a range of abusive acts, including:

  • Physical violence
  • Sexual assault
  • Emotional abuse
  • Psychological abuse

If you've been charged with domestic violence, it's essential that you call a domestic violence attorney. You're innocent until proven guilty, so rely on Zak Newman Attorney at Law to build a strong defense for you in Chattanooga, TN.

You Have the Right to Hire an Experienced Domestic Violence Attorney

It's important to depend on an attorney to discuss your case. Your domestic violence attorney can help you decide if going to trial is the best option for you. Don't risk serving jail time or paying expensive fines. The best way to increase your chances of a dropped or reduced charge is to call Zak Newman Attorney at Law.