Zachary Newman

Attorney at Law

Law wasn’t always going to be my path. In my final year of college, though, I discovered my passion for criminal justice. After earning my J.D. from Appalachian School of Law in 2011, I opened this firm to help people in Chattanooga and the rest of Tennessee seek justice and a brighter future.

Your Path Forward Starts Here

I help clients navigate their legal issues—from facing charges of DUI, to understanding the legal complexities of mental health, to seeking a path forward after accusations of assault.

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My Approach to Criminal Defense

Build a Strong Attorney-Client Relationship

Treating you with respect is key to my practice. I form strong, meaningful partnerships with each of my clients because I know what it’s like to need someone in your corner. When it comes time to make crucial decisions, we’ll work together to seek justice.

Educate You on the Possible Paths Forward

There are some choices in the criminal justice process that only you can make. I’ll inform you of the possible effects of each of your actions, making sure you understand each step along the way. You deserve straightforward guidance and no-nonsense counsel.

Explain the “Why” and “How” Behind the Strategy for Your Case

I never keep clients in the dark. From the very first moment you reach out to me to the very end of the process, I’ll explain the reasoning behind the custom legal strategies I’ve crafted for you. In criminal defense, knowledge really is power.

Let Me Tell Your Side of the Story

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Fight for Your Future

It’s never easy to face a criminal charge—a DWI, a theft offense, or anything else. I get it. That’s why I offer legal services rooted in honesty, grit, and compassion. I’ve earned a reputation in Tennessee as someone who will fight for you at every stage of the process. Together, we’ll seek the justice you deserve and the results you need.

Protect Your Driving Privileges

Whether it’s your very first offense or you’ve received multiple DUIs, you need to get in touch with a DUI lawyer. In Tennessee, a drunk driving accusation is not something to take lightly. I’ll stand in your corner as we seek to protect—or restore—your driving privileges.

Combat a Violent Crime Charge

If you’re facing jail time for assault in Chattanooga, contact me. As a tough-minded assault and violent crimes attorney, I can help you seek justice and a restored reputation. Accusations of domestic violence, aggravated assault, and murder do not need to ruin your future. 

Don’t Let a Mistake Define Your Life

Remember, you can get past this. Don’t let a mistake on the road, a false accusation, or any kind of criminal charge threaten all you’ve worked so hard to accomplish. If you live in Red Bank, East Ridge, Collegedale, or anywhere else in Tennessee, reach out to me in Chattanooga.

Exploring Mental Health

Does mental illness play a role in the justice system?

Yes—absolutely. Mental health and criminal justice are closely linked. You can’t fully understand one without addressing the other.

My goal: to understand & communicate the correlation between your mental health condition and your criminal charges.

As one of a few criminal defense lawyers in Hamilton County with experience in cases involving special needs, I know that mental illness can play a role in your charges. Allow me to fight for you.

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Notable Victories

Aggravated Rape & Especially Aggravated

Client was accused of felonies that both carry 15-25 years to serve in department of corrections. Case involved DNA proof for identification.

Client was found not guilty.

Aggravated Sexual Battery

Client was accused of a felony that requires 8-12 years to serve in the Department of Corrections.

Client was convicted of a misdemeanor that carried only 6 months.

Civil Commitment

The State sought to Commit Client to a Mental health facility in relation to his criminal charges for indefinite amount of time.

Client was not committed to mental health facility and was released from custody.