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Attorney Zak Newman Has Experience in Assault Law

Are you facing domestic abuse charges? Have you been charged with aggravated assault? It doesn’t matter what crime you’ve been charged with, you’re entitled to a fair trial by law. You need an attorney to get the best results possible in your case

Don’t let an inexperienced court-appointed lawyer take your case. You can trust Zak Newman Attorney at Law to defend you when other lawyers can’t. Zak is experienced in several different practices of law and is trusted in the area as a:

  • Domestic violence attorney
  • Personal injury attorney
  • Murder attorney
  • Auto accident attorney
  • Aggravated assault attorney
  • General assault attorney

We’re here to serve you. Do you need a criminal defense attorney? Call Zak Newman today.

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Just because you've been charged with a crime doesn't mean that you've lost your rights as a U.S. citizen. It's your right to have your voice heard. When the gavel comes down on you, Zak Newman Attorney at Law has got your back. Call us to schedule your consultation.